14. November 2004 10:37
by Rene Pallesen

Aswan Dam

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aswan dam

The High Dam was built in the 1970s. It was higher and wider than the old Aswan Dam.

At its highest point, the High Dam was 111m high, 3.8km long and 980m wide at the base. It was built with 3 times as many stones that was used to build Cheops' Pyramid.

The High Dam is a high-security military area so no video cameras were allowed. Should the High Dam be destroyed, than most of Egypt will be under water and it would be a disaster for the country.

Lake Nasser is a man-made lake to the south, created as a result of the building of the High Dam. Because of this lake, some great monuments, villages and many of the Nubian tribes had to be moved or they would have been submerged under water. I think much history has been lost to these waters.

This temple had to moved onto higher ground after the High Dam was built.

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