26. December 2009 12:34
by Rene Pallesen

Christmas Eve 2009

26. December 2009 12:34 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

christmas eve 2009
This may also come as a surprise to you....but Santa Clause does exist and he visited our house on Christmas Eve.

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We did the traditional Christmas dinner with friends coming over along with some of our nieces and nephews. Soeren and Nui joined us with their daughter and Andy joined us with his daughter so it was an almost equal representation of adults and kids (if you count me as a kid).

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Later on in the evening Santa Clause appeared (Ethan asked where the reindeer were and apparently they were parked on the roof).

Ethan had been asking all evening whether Santa would be coming. Eventually we told him that Santa is a very busy man and that he visits all the good kids first and leaves all the naughty ones until later...that kept him quiet for a while.

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He gave the children lots of presents and soon afterwards he headed off again...he is a very busy person this time of the year (I think he borrowed a couple of beer from the fridge).

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By the end of the evening we were so stuffed with food that we had to be rolled into bed.
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