8. July 2012 10:57
by Rene Pallesen

Duck feeding at Centenial Park

8. July 2012 10:57 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

duck feeding at centenial park

This morning it was a beautiful winter day here in Sydney and we decided therefore to go duck feeding in Centenial Park with Aiden and Dylan (I was supposed to have been doing a course, but it was cancelled).

Aiden eventually figured out that it was fun to tear off small pieces of bread and throw it in the water for the ducks and swans to eat.

I showed him how to hand feed the big swans with a flat hand, but he still didn't like them much...and even less so when one of them stole his bread after sneaking in from behind.

Stupid Swan!!!!

But eventually the swan apologised and he was happy to feed the smaller birds.

Also the pond is full of fat eels (and on one occation I have seen turtles there). Some of them would surface to try and steal the bread from the ducks.

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