1. November 2010 09:50
by Rene Pallesen

Fame - the musical

1. November 2010 09:50 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

fame the musical

This weekend Kim and I went to see the musical Fame at Capitol theatre with a couple of friends Audrey and John.

Most of the cast was made up of dancers from “So you think you can dance” so there was a potential for a really good performance with some excellent dancing.

Our friends had organised a babysitter for the night and Aiden was being looked after by Kim’s dad and sister.

The performance was good (but not great). I think we were expecting more singing and dancing (It was a musical) and less dialogue. The second half of the play was a lot better than the first half with more dancing.

Unfortunately our friends missed this part as she was worried about their kid left alone with the babysitter (that is kinda the point of getting a babysitter) and left during the intermission.

At the end they got everyone in the audience up from their chairs for the famous "Fame" song.

Kim and I however had a good night out…and she looked smashing!

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