15. April 2011 11:04
by Rene Pallesen

Fox Studio Easter show 2011

15. April 2011 11:04 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

fox studio easter show 2011

Every year there is an Ester show at Fox Studios...it is not as big as the show out at Homebush, but it is a lot closer to where we live and entry is free.

Last year and again this year we brough Dylan there as it is difficult for his mum to go there. We normally allow him to get 1 ride or one game at the show, but because we this year brough Aiden along he got three rides as we though we'd check how Aiden would reach to the rides.

The first ride that Dylan chose was a Camel ride (Although they are not actually camels, but Dromedary's).

Afterwards he was complaining about how smelly they are.

In the mean time Aiden was watching the action (It was a pretty cool day and he had been sick the week before so he was dressed in his bunny outfit).

We tried to get Dylan to look scary with some of the local performers, but I think this is the best he could do.

After this I took Aiden and Dylan on the Ferris wheel and the Merry go round.

These are Waaaaayyyy to scary for Kim, so she was waiting down on the ground taking photos.

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