14. November 2004 12:58
by Rene Pallesen

Grandchildren's Meal for Bedstemor

14. November 2004 12:58 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

grandchildren s meal for bedstemor
Normally Bedstemor's fest is for paid by her children, but this year, all of Bestemor's grandchildren decided to also treat the family in return. They chose the Italian restaurant in the hotel.

It was a 3-course set menu at US$8 per person.
For starters, it was thin minestrone with salad vegetables and grated cheese.
For entrée, it was 3 pieces of ravioli with mushrooms and white sauce (ravioli suprisingly had cinnamon in it...)
For mains, we had a choice of either chicken or veal scallope with fettucine...
But all our meals were served with the same sauce and somehow we all ended up getting french fries...

When we asked the waiters about the fettucine listed on the menu, no-one had any idea...

And our surprise dessert was a scoop of ice-cream swimming in fruit salad and syrup.
These breadsticks were really very nice, although surprisingly these contained cumin, instead of Italian herbs or cheese.
With Bedstemor in the middle, the oldies at one end, we sat at the other end with Kim, Rasmus and their respective girlfriends. Rasmus and his g-friend told us about their trip around Asia, toVienChan and Laos. Kim and Birit had spent 6 months backpacking around India, Nepal and Thailand.
In the meanwhile, there was an Egyptian engagement party that started in the hotel lobby. The musicians stood around the couple, playing oboe-like instruments, tambourines and drums, whilst the guests clapped and danced to the music. It was deafening, the sound echoing throughout the hotel. They eventually made their way up to one of the function rooms to party all night long.
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