23. January 2014 12:28
by Rene Pallesen

Hunter Valley Trip with family

23. January 2014 12:28 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

hunter valley trip with family

Last weekend we made an overnight trip to the Hunter Valley a couple of hours drive north of Sydney.

The main reason was to see the lights in the Hunter Valley Garden (see separate post), but also to go and taste some wine and generally have a good time.

Pretty soon after we arrived the girls were distracted by the chocolate and cheese places.

We did however go to a couple of places for wine tasting.

We also had some really nice food up there. I was especially impressed by a really nice gnocchi salad I had....it was yummi.

Outside it was really hot...like 39 degrees in the shade. There were a couple of horses relaxing under a couple of trees.

We decided an alternative approach of checking into our hotel and jump in the pool to cool off.

In the evening we went to the light show and on the following day we just did a number of wineries before heading back to Sydney.
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