12. November 2013 01:23
by Rene Pallesen

International Fleet Review 2013

12. November 2013 01:23 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

international fleet review 2013

We recently had the international fleet review in Sydney with lots of navy ships from international countries visiting Sydney to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Australian fleet.

This also meant that not only were there lots of sailors in town, but also lots of navy cadets.

Aiden and I chose to visit the American USS Chosin and British HMS Daring.

The US ship is an older class ship, and from the outside fairly unimpressive.

but on closer inspection it had an impressive arsenal of missiles.

As well as guns.

The crew were very friendly and were happy to have their photo taken.

The British vessel on the other hand is a very modern ship, again with a very impressive firepower.

The crew again were happy to have their photos taken.

After this Aiden was over the ships and when he spotted a firetruck he got very excited. Lucky the firemen were pretty bored so they were pretty happy to entertain him for a while and it also gave me a bit of a break from carrying Aiden in my backpack.

After that he was hungry and wanted something to eat.

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