12. March 2013 09:15
by Rene Pallesen

Sydney Wildlife Park 2013

12. March 2013 09:15 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

sydney wildlife park 2013

On the weekend we went to the Sydney Wildlife Park at Darling Harbour.

It was good fun to show Aiden all the different animals (Although he was pretty tired by the end).

The highlight of the exhibition is the 4.5 meter long Saltie (Saltwater Crocodile). He is such a darling and he loved his girlfriends so much that he had them over for dinner (Ha Ha).

Aiden wasn't sure about the crocodiles and definitely wasn't happy with the big mouth and all the sharp teeth...

...Daddy came to the rescue and threw himself at the monster.

He was a bit more happy with the smaller cuddlier animals...

Such as the wombats...

...the Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies...

...or even the Tasmanian Devil.

The start of the exhibition is pretty amazing as you wank through a large enclosure with lots of butterflies flying around.

And besides from that there is of cause a lot of lizards, frogs and snakes on display.

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