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by Rene Pallesen

More childhood memories

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Here are some more photos from my childhood in no particular order. The first ones from a New Years
Here are some more photos from my childhood in no particular order.

The first ones from a New Years eve where we got a bit silly with the hats. These were taken at a New Years even in Kenya and before my brother got really sick, so probably around 1989/90.

And here is Claus.

And my mum.

I was really good at shooting when I was a kid and won lots of championships. This photo is one of the few things I have from that time.

This is Claus and I with our dog.

Not sure which ones of these is Claus and which is me.

This was taken just christmas day in the back yard of my grandma's (Mormor) house. We got the skis as a christmas present. All the fields behind her house belonged to my mothers brother Flemming.

I think this may be my brother. For the first time I've noticed the photo in the background. It looks like this may be a photo of my mum with her two sisters and brother and what could be her dad Raimer in the middle.

This would most likely be the new years eve where we were trapped by the snow 1978/79. We were supposed to have celebrated with the family but couldn't even get out of the house. Delicious with a glass of milk and a pie.

We didn't have a lawn in the back yard. Instead we had pebbles...lots of fun shoveling them.

This I think is a christmas eve dinner at my grandmas (mormor) place. My mum on the left and my uncle Flemming in the middle. Not sure who the person standing up in. It could be my grandmas brother. Possibly from around 1976/77

I think it is my great grandpa (Raimer) in the middle row number two from the left. The title of the photo says that it is Christoffer (??) in the top left corner. Looking at the age of the boys this would have been taken in the 1920's.

Claus dancing aeound the christmas tree and my mum and grandma (Bedstemor/Farmor).

From left to Right. My grandma (On my dads side/Bedstemor/farmor), Knud Aage (My uncle/dads brother), My mum (in the foreground), My grandad (in the background), Irene (my auntie/dads sister), Grete and I assume the baby is Vinnie which means that it is likely that my mum was pregnant with Claus (born in July).

This was taken at my grandparents place and after my brother got sick. He was really suffering at this point.

This is one of the happiest family photos I have and the only one I have a print of.

Going for a walk at Marielyst with Lott and Willy some of our german friends. Claus in the foreground and my dad on the right. I think you can just spot me in yellow pants in the background.

I think this is at Lotte and Willy's summer house.

Not sure if this is Claus or myself being babtised. It is my grand mother being god mother.

This was taken outside our summer house in Marielyst.

My brother number 2 from the top right on his school photo.

Claus at daycare number 4 from the top left.

Me at day care top left.
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