14. November 2004 12:53
by Rene Pallesen

Khefren's Pyramid - Limestone Tips

14. November 2004 12:53 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

khefren s pyramid limestone tips

Khefren, Khafre's son, did not seem to have the same desire to outbuild his father.

His pyramid is not as tall as Khafre's pyramid, but looks so because it stands on higher ground.
Each of these blocks of granite came to about shoulder height on the average man
- they were about one cubic metre each in size.
The few people who tried to climb up the pyramid were called down by security guards patrolling the area. We noticed the granite blocks further up the pyramid seemed smaller. The quality of the workmanship worsened as the pyramids neared completion and smaller blocks were used.
Just imagine - these pyramids would have once glinted in the sunlight like diamonds in the desert. Kefren's pyramid was once covered with a smooth and shiny layer of limestone. Unfortunately, most of the limestone has been stripped off, used in mosques and palaces. Only a small portion remains at the tip of Khefren's pyramid.

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