14. November 2004 12:45
by Rene Pallesen

More Photos of Cairo

14. November 2004 12:45 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

more photos of cairo

We did not have a lot of opportunities to explore the city of Cairo. Our hotel was located on the other side of the Nile from downtown Cairo, so there was not a lot happening.

In Cairo, we noticed a lot of large carcasses hanging along the streets outside the butcher shops. Most of the shops and restaurants were closed due to Ramadan, but Sunday heralded the last day of Ramadan, so many were preparing for the final feast.

We tried in vain to find a restaurant for the family to eat dinner, but no such luck. However, we did try to stop for some beers at a small café along the Nile - no beers because it was still Ramadan till that night, so we settled for some softdrink and hot potato chips.

The city of Cairo looks hazy and grey, with all the buildings a muddy colour.
It was nice to sit by the Nile.

The view from our Hotel Pyramisa at sundown.

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