4. July 2011 11:49
by Rene Pallesen

Kims Birthday

4. July 2011 11:49 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

kims birthday

This week it was Kims Birthday (one of the big ones with a zero in it). In the morning she was surprised with a big bunch of flowers delivered and she thought they were from me...she was very surprised when she discovered they were from my dad.

...and I got an earful because she thought that I hadn't gotten her any...well I did and they were delivered by the end of the afternoon and they were different from the ones I ordered (they just delivered a palin bunch of roses which was very dissappointing but the florist gave me a refund when I complained about it).

In the evening we had Kims dad baby sitting while we went to Sepia for the degustation menu.

The food was really yummi and time just flew away.

On the Sunday we celebrated with the family on a japanese restaurant followed by cake and birthday song.

Happy Birthday Kim!!

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