1. November 2002 11:19
by Rene Pallesen

My brothers funeral

1. November 2002 11:19 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

my brothers funeral

My brother passed away in the end of 2002. He had been suffering badly from his disease for almost a decade and eventually it got the better of him.

I still miss him a lot even though we weren't close when he was alive....but I still feel him close to me to this day!

I still light a candle for him once in a while.

His two biggest wishes in life was to become a professional tennis player...he was a pretty damn good player and I never played against him because I didn't have a chance.

His second biggest wish was to get himself a girlfriend. This is one of the last photos that was taken of him.

I still blame the psychiatric system in Denmark for what happened. They were too focused on treating his disease with medication and never paid any attention on teaching him to live with his disease and provide quality in life.

I still love him very much and I really miss him. I also regret that I wasn't there more for him.

He always looked after me and he has never hurt anyone.

This is the last family photo that was taken.

I would appreciate if you click here to see some of the photos from my brothers life: May he not be forgotten
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