11. January 2010 01:14
by Rene Pallesen

Restaurants with my dad

11. January 2010 01:14 by Rene Pallesen | 0 Comments

restaurants with my dad

While my dad was in Sydney we went to a number of different restaurants. We tried to find venues of the sort he hadn't tried before or that is unusual for his side of the hemisphere.

There was the Yum-Cha (For those that are not familiar with this...it is a sort of chinese dumpling place where you just point at the items you want from trolleys). And my dad was brave enough to try the chicken feet this time.

We also did Japanese a couple of times (once at Liverpool St which was terrible) and then later at Wagaya at the entertainment centre (which was excellent).

We also did brasilian (no, we did not all get a close shave). This was a lot of meat and we were all very full afterwards.

We also did French food at Tabou in Surrey Hills.

And one evening we did hot-pot at home with friends.

And Kims dad cooked his famous crabs.

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